Find out how to boost the sustainability and the innovation with our blue economy services.

CETECIMA offers a wide range of both cross-sectoral and sectoral services in the field of the blue economy. From the development of comprehensive strategies for sustainable resource management to the implementation of innovative technologies for aquaculture and offshore renewable energy, our specialised team is committed to offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. With a multidisciplinary approach, we address complex challenges such as conserving the marine environment, boosting the local coastal economy and promoting research and innovation in the sector. Whether it is consultancy, technical advice or project development, at CETECIMA we are dedicated to fostering sustainable and resilient economic development in the blue economy of the Canary Islands.

Cross-sectoral Services

At CETECIMA, we offer a range of cross-sectoral services designed to drive innovation, socio-economic development and sustainability in the blue economy. Our experts in R&D and innovation project consultancy work hand in hand with you to develop cutting-edge solutions that address current and future challenges in the marine sector. We also provide cutting-edge technology services to improve operational efficiency and promote the adoption of sustainable practices.

With our strategic consultancy, we help define and execute plans that drive growth and competitiveness in a constantly evolving market. In addition, we provide comprehensive support in expanding into international markets, facilitating access to new business opportunities and establishing global partnerships.

Our international network and experience in establishing strategic alliances gives you a competitive advantage in an increasingly connected world. Last but not least, we are committed to integrating sustainability into all our initiatives, promoting responsible business practices that benefit both local communities and the marine environment. At CETECIMA, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with a holistic and collaborative approach.


  • Project design
  • Funds and funding programmes
  • Parternariats
  • Technical and economic coordination of projects
  • Communication plans
  • International


  • Feasibility reports and technological diagnoses
  • Technology watch
  • R+D and innovation management systems
  • Business innovation plans
  • Technological foresight and state of the art


  • Socio-economic reports of marine-maritime activity
  • Sector and value chain characterisation
  • Market and trend reports
  • Clustering


  • Situation diagnoses
  • Strategic plans
  • Action plans and road maps
  • Implementation and strategic monitoring


  • International Partnerships
  • Memorandums and cooperation agreements
  • Technical and economic office
  • Coordination and communication of international networks


  • Bilateral and multilateral funding
  • International marine-maritime activities
  • International contract support
  • International tenders


  • Characterisation and monitoring of marine litter
  • Impact of climate change on blue economy sectors
  • Ecotourism and enhancement of natural resources as a tourist attraction
  • Improvement of bathing water quality

Sectoral services

At CETECIMA, we offer a wide range of specialised sectoral services to address the specific needs of various segments within the blue economy. From the design of port water quality and pollution contingency plans to maritime security, our team is able to offer solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by each sector.

For the ship repair sector, we provide Shipyard 4.0 services, and digital enabling technologies. In addition, we offer advice in the field of fisheries, including the implementation of sustainable practices, support for artisanal fisheries and maintenance of product quality, as well as health monitoring systems for fish products.

In the field of aquaculture, we provide innovative solutions to increase productivity and profitability, from the design, planning and management of aquaculture development to the implementation of sustainable shellfish production in third countries. In addition, we support the yachting and recreational boating sector with services ranging from destination and nautical product design to energy efficiency and harbour water quality.

Finally, we specialise in the development and implementation of offshore renewable energy projects, including offshore wind and other emerging technologies. At CETECIMA, we are committed to providing high quality sectoral services that drive innovation, sustainability and growth in all areas of the blue economy in the Canary Islands.


  • Port water quality
  • MARPOL waste management
  • Contamination contingency plans
  • Energy Efficiency and On shore Power Supply OPS Maritime Safety and Security


  • Technologies for minimising environmental impacts of maintenance activities
  • Shipyards 4.0
  • Digital enabling technologies (digital twins, Big Data, autonomous vehicles, hybridisation of systems, 3D simulation, additive printing, etc...).


  • Fleet tracking and monitoring technologies
  • Landing and marketing infrastructures on land to support small-scale fishing and maintain product quality.
  • Health monitoring of fishery products


  • Technology for monitoring growing conditions
  • Planning and managing aquaculture development 
  • Offshore aquaculture and multipurpose platforms.
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Sustainable shellfish production in third countries


  • Port water quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Destination image and nautical products


  • Value chains
  • National and regional development models
  • Technologies and perspectives for 2030
  • Multi-purpose platforms