CETECIMA focuses on five main areas: knowledge, sustainability, innovation, internationalisation and digital transformation. Through the application of management models and the promotion of innovation, we work to boost competitiveness and sustainability in the blue economy by developing and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions.


At CETECIMA, we value the importance of knowledge as a fundamental basis for development and innovation in the blue economy. We constantly keep ourselves updated on the latest research, trends and best practices. In addition, we foster knowledge exchange through collaborations with academic institutions, research organisations and other relevant parties in the sector.


Sustainability is a guiding principle in all our activities. We are committed to promoting responsible practices that ensure the conservation of marine resources and the environment. We work closely with our customers to develop and implement solutions that minimise environmental impact, encourage the protection of marine biodiversity and promote the sustainable economic development of coastal communities.


Innovation is what drives our work at CETECIMA. We strive to develop new ideas and approaches that positively transform the blue economy. From product and process design to solution implementation, our dedication to innovation enables us to deliver effective and efficient solutions to the challenges of the marine-maritime sector.


We recognise the importance of international collaboration in the blue economy. We seek to establish strategic alliances and collaborations that expand our capabilities and enable us to access new markets and opportunities. Through our network of international partners, we are committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices to drive the sustainable development of the blue economy internationally.


At CETECIMA, we recognise the transformative power of digital technology in the blue economy. We are committed to leading the way in the adoption of advanced digital technologies to improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the sector. Our process digitisation strategy is designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase flexibility in an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment.


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