12 junio, 2017


Transfer of knowledge and technology for sustainable development

Cooperación Internacional CETECIMA

International cooperation is a goal of CETECIMA. We aim to develop services and capabilities in the field with the sharing of scientific and technological developments through cooperation projects.

CETECIMA designs, develops, coordinates and manages development cooperation projects in different fields, with the emphasis on those that are innovative and technology-based in the marine  environment.

International cooperation in the CETECIMA began in West-Africa, especially in Morocco where CETECIMA has stable cooperation channels and has developed several successful projects. Nowadays Cetecima has cooperation proyect with Senegal and Cabo Verde.

CETECIMA applies its knowledge in different activity areas transferring skills and technologies to create development where it is needed most, especially in the environmental and marine sector (Sustainable fisheries development, clean energy, environmental management systems in harbours,….) .