12 junio, 2017


The area of innovation management is launching a series of technology services focused on the revitalization, promotion and development of innovation projects aimed at raising the competitiveness of the maritime marine sector companies in the Canary Islands.


1) Identification and promotion of innovation projects :

  • Searching  for possible international partners to form ongoing consortiums and relationships.
  • Identifying research, development and innovation projects.
  • Identifying and obtaining possible funding through government grants as well as gaining public support through fund raising activities.
  • Technical management of the Canary Maritime General Partnership.

2)  General project management:

  • Management of technical affaires within a project including the control and distribution of funds.
  • International Cooperation Project Management.
  • Establishment and coordination of project management units.

3) Technology services:

  • Technological result studies, strategic plans for innovation and research of interest to the sector.
  • Advice on patent and intellectual property.
  • Tax incentives for activities of research, development and innovation.
  • Communication and distribution of strategic information.
  • Project certification and introduction of research, development and innovation management systems.
  • Surveillance and technology transfer.